Aircraft and Photos

The view from inside these aircraft is even better than from outside.
White Mountains

Both airplanes in the API flying club provide tremendous utility to our members. On the right are various documents about operating the Cessna 182 and Cessna 206. Below are some photos representing the utility of the aircraft. Click on each photo for a larger size.

Cessna 182 N97533

Cessna 206 N756PY

Cessna 182 N97533

N97533 outside the Pine Hill hangar at KBED

Cessna 206 N756PY

N756PY has great ramp appeal.

Cessna 182 Panel

The 182's panel that includes a Garmin GFC 500 dual axis autopilot with envelope protection (not shown here), GNC 430W and a panel mount Garmin Aera 660 (not shown here) and GTX330ES transponder with ADS-B Out. (not shown here)

Cessna 206 N756PY's Panel

The 206's panel that includes a Garmin 530W, Avidyne TAS620 Traffic, GTX 345ES ADS-B In/Out and Bluetooth (connect to tablet with Garmin Pilot or Foreflight to display traffic and weather), and Stormscope

Cessna 182 Interior

The 182's interior that was recently replaced.

Cargo Door and Club Seating in the C206

Cargo Door in the C206 showing the 2nd and 3rd row club seats and leather interior

N97533 at 1P1 Grass Field

N97533 departing 1P1. Both aircraft have great short and soft field performance

Cessna 206 cockpit

N756PY's beautiful "front office"

Member at PVC in front of C182

N97533 at PVC

Cessna 206 with 5 passengers

The 206 with 5 passengers. The 206 can easily carry 6 people.

Sleepy kid in Cessna 182

Both aircraft are great for families.

Cessna 206 in the hangar

N756PY inside the hangar at Pine Hill at KBED

Girl in Cessna 182 cockpit

Friends and family love flying in our planes

Cessna 206

The 206 takes friends (and their luggage) almost anywhere